THRIVE Consultancy Services

The THRIVE programme is designed to help you achieve your business goals, supported by a team of experts who have helped over 500 dental businesses hit their targets and boost practice performance.

Whether you want to take your entire practice to the next level as a business, ensure you are getting the ultimate outcomes from your software tools or become more focused in a particular performance area – we are here to help.

Join our flagship THRIVE programme and gain access to:

  • 6 months worth of strategic consultations 
  • 12 month’s business outcomes reporting
  • MyPractice Cloud performance dashboard, with revenue tracker
  • Red belt Academy of Excellence training
  • Primespeak 2-Day workshop designed to propel treatment acceptance

Working with specialist consultants at Software of Excellence, THRIVE gives you the knowledge and tools to implement an array of business changes in key areas such as chair-time utilisation, treatment blend and treatment acceptance

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