EXACT Practice Management

An intelligent and powerful dental practice management software that delivers efficiency and enhances business performance.

Built on years of analysis and research, EXACT Dental Practice Management software gives dental practices the management tools to increase revenues and profitability and secure your peace of mind.

EXACT software automates many of the mundane but essential management tasks that collectively determine the financial success of a dental practice. It includes a range of enhancements that allow dental practices to benefit from increased efficiency, giving you more time to focus on patient care.

Making a significant difference to practice performance EXACT software organises the protocols on which a practice is run and improves the key performance indicators that determine long-term success. With new and integrated features including Automated Recall Manager, Online Booking, Workflow Manager and Utilisation Manager, EXACT is a complete management software for dental businesses.

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BRAND NEW Marketing Manager

Tracking the patient journey and monitoring your return on investment is vital to running successful marketing campaigns.

Marketing Manager allows you to create, schedule and automatically send marketing campaigns to targeted lists straight from EXACT; then monitor which patients have responded on the brand new “Return on Investment” dashboard.

It gives you access to an array of campaign designs and templates which you can personalise with your own practice branding and offers; including email, direct mail, posters and flyers. Crucially you will be able to budget campaign costs and then track the actual invoice values that are generated as a result.

BRAND NEW Online Reputation Manager

Get noticed online and chosen by new patients.

Online Reputation Manager allows you to control your practice’s online image and build up a portfolio of positive reviews. Asking for reviews within the practice ensures you collect more feedback and achieve better results. Integrated with EXACT, Online Reputation Manager then emails your patients at the end of each day encouraging them to replicate their review on Google+ or any other chosen review site.

With reviews now having a major impact on your Google ranking, controlling these through Online Reputation Manager enables you to get found and get chosen by potential new patients.

BRAND NEW Channel Track

Track the effectiveness of your communications, and pinpoint where your new patients are coming from.

Channel Track allows you to delve deeper into your marketing metrics and understand precisely which type of marketing works best. By adding unique phone numbers to each of your marketing channels, and dynamic phone numbers to your website you can track the effectiveness of each communication, and pinpoint exactly where your new patients are coming from.

Recall Manager II (Automation)

Practices generally use up to four methods to recall patients; post, text, email and phone calls.

Recall Manager automates a number of these processes, improves workflow inside the dental practice and automatically captures more information. A new colour-coded graph acts as an effective call-to-action, facilitating a dramatic increase in recall effectiveness. Using this technology practices can see in excess of 85% of recalls resulting in appointments.

Utilisation Manager

Fully utilising available chair-time is vital to achieve efficiency.

Utilisation Manager is designed to make best use of all available surgery time. EXACT software recognises when an appointment is booked a defined number of days in the future and then prompts the receptionist to ask whether the patient would like an earlier appointment should a gap arise – if the answer is affirmative, the patient is placed automatcially on a short-notice list. This list also includes patients who recently failed to attend or cancelled but didn’t rebook.

EXACT software is then able to suggest a list of names ideally suited to fill a gap, with options to call or text patients.

Workflow Manager:

Managing the future appointment book is fundamental to the success of any dental practice and is a key criteria for measurement.

Workflow Manager focuses on the management of in-bound and out-bound workflow processes – in other words every patient who leaves the practice is required to have made their next appointment.

Clinicians who finish treatment are prompted to indicate the appointment interval, which automatically pops up using hyperlinks in the patient’s notes. This process makes it simple for reception staff to follow the clinician’s instructions and, based on professional recommendation, encourages patients to re-book.

The reception staff are also alerted to other aspects of the patient file that are relevant – such as outstanding debt, incomplete or out-dated medical history, dental plan membership, even the patient’s birthday. All the information can be customised to the individual requirements of the practice or the nuances of the clinician.

Quick Chart

Accelerates charting and treatment planning, by giving dentists quick and easy access to the service they chart and base-chart most often, with personalised graphics and colours.

This allows dentists to chart base and treatment at the same time, and a ‘hover’ menu is populated with the services used most often, and can be customised or refreshed.

16 Surface Charting

For more detailed clinical recording.


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