Automated Recalls

Research from 1,400 dental practices tells us that the key to highly effective recall performance is to adopt a consistent approach to patient recall communication: sending multiple messages, at regular intervals, across a range of media.

SMS & SMS Replies: A great way to recall, remind and promote offers to your patients. Integrated with your software, it can be configured so that patient responses are sent directly into the appointment book – filling white space and helping rebook short-notice cancellations at the click of a button.

Online Bookings: The Online Booking module ensures high visibility for your practice enabling new and existing patients  to book appointments around the clock – while you retain control of your diary by selecting which appointments are made publically available.

EasyPost: A unique service that allows you to send patient letters directly from your system, without printing a single thing onsite at your practice. Utilising Software of Excellence’s professional mailing services, you simply set-up personalised letter templates and decide when you want patient letters to be sent. EasyPost frees up hours of time normally spent on administration and ensures a consistent, timely approach to patient communications.

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SMS & SMS Replies: Increase Revenues

Sending text messages will help improve your recalls rates and reduce your “failure to attends”; with 99% of patients who reply “yes” to a text reminder going on to keep their appointments. Texting special offers will also increase the take-up of your marketing promotions – and Replies makes it easier for patients to respond positively.

Message on the Go: Send messages direct to a patient’s mobile phone. Thus helping your recalls, reminders and marketing promotions more successful.

Patient Confirmation: Add SMS Replies and make it easy for patients to seamlessly confirm their appointment and accept your special offers.

Control Your Schedule and Costs: You can stagger texts to go out over a number of days rather than in bulk, making it easier to manage responses without peaks and troughs. And you only pay for the message bundles you buy rather than a monthly charge.

Reporting: Built-in reports give you real-time delivery updates (with the ‘delivery status’ of each message colour coded) and in-depth analysis of your response rates, by campaign.


Online Booking: Attract New Patients

The Online Booking module ensures high visibility for your dental practice enabling new and existing patients to book appointments around the clock – while you retain control of your diary by selecting which appointments are made publicly available.

Seamless Integration: Include web-links in your SMS and email recalls; prompting patients to book from their smartphone or PC, there and then. Responses are sent directly to your software, automatically updating your appointment book.

Free Up Your Time: Less time spent confirming appointments will free-up your front desk to focus on customer service and higher-value tasks, safe in the knowledge that on average 47% of online bookings are made out of office hours.

Recall Best Practice: Online Booking is part of an integrated best practice approach to patient recalls – which can deliver recall rates of over 85%.

EasyPost: Send Letters Automatically

Configure your system to regularly send patient letters at a set time-scale before recalls are due, allowing you to stagger your communications and avoid unmanageable peaks on front desk resource.

Consistent Style: Utilise the creative templates and adapt them to suit your own brand style whilst ensuring that all letters are sent in a uniform way. Templates can be set-up specifically for recall reminders and promotional offers.

Save Time and Money: The time saved on office administration combined with competitive postal rates makes EasyPost a compelling combination of value and efficiency. Your team will never have to print a letter onsite again.

Improve Your Recall Rates: Part of an integrated recall process, EasyPost can help improve your recall success to over 85% and give you peace of mind that recalls will always be sent on time, every time.


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