Good Practice to Great Business

What does it take to turn a good dental practice into a great business?

More patients, fully booked chairs, happy staff? In an increasingly competitive market, the answer is a mix of these factors and many more. You need a business partner that delivers products and solutions focussed on boosting your practice performance, so you can concentrate on your core service, clinical dentistry. Software of Excellence is here to help.


Recalling your patients

An effective recall system is the backbone of any successful dental practice as it is this system that drives appointments, enables the optimisation of available chair-side time, and determines the treatment mix / hourly earnings. Having a rigorous recall procedure is the best way to keep patients attending regularly – have you automated yours?

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Attracting new patients

New patient acquisition remains one of the most challenging aspects of running a dental practice in an increasingly competitive environment. You need the tools to promote your practice, manage lapsed patients and log your most effective referral methods.

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Fully utilising your chair time

There are three reasons why the utilisation of a dental surgery’s chair-time is not always 100%: FTAs, short notice cancellations and un-booked time. You need to know where the issue lies and have failsafe strategies to reduce any negative impact. Monitoring and proactively reducing FTAs whilst automatically filling short notice cancellations is crucial.

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Increasing treatment acceptance

Research shows that 80% of dental practice revenues are generated by 12 treatment items from two main categories: high volume, low margin items (such as fillings, exams, x-rays); and low volume, high margin items such as restorative crown and bridge work. To increase the latter you need the tools to boost your chairside treatment acceptance.


Monitoring your performance

If you don’t measure performance it is very difficult to focus in on and improve the efficiency of your dental practice. You need tools that help you look inside your business to see how effectively it is operating against a range of key performance indicators; and the ability to make the changes that can have a dramatic impact on your profitability.


Clinical Excellence

Successful patient outcomes and a streamlined chair-time experience are of vital importance to your dental practice. You need tools that make life easier for you as a clinician, such as integrating digital imagery with a patient's record.


Employee Empowerment

Running a successful dental practice requires a team that is highly skilled and motivated. You need to ensure that your employees are getting the most out of your business systems, receive clear training & development, and learn the necessary skills to boost practice performance.


Run a Paperless Practice

Running a paperless dental practice will streamline your operations, reduce time spent on administration and storage requirements. It is now possible for patients to complete and sign electronic forms, includin Patient Details & Medical History forms, Oral Health Surveys and Treatment Estimates.


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