OASiS V11 Dental Practice Management Software

A flexible and affordable dental practice management software that reduces administration and improves workflow and productivity.

Easy to learn and simple to use, OASiS Dental Practice Management software helps grow your income, effectively utilise your patient database and allows you to spend your time working on the things that really matter.

Three key modules make up the heart of OASiS software – My Money, My Time and My Work – with additional components available for specialist requirements.  

Day to day functionality can also be customised to adapt the OASiS software to your particular needs.

OASiS software gives dental practices wide-ranging patient database and scheduling tools, provides a smart financial package that enables you to better manage your time and reap the best returns. OASiS software comes with forward thinking clinical charting tools that improve chair-side workflow, assist in patient education and create compelling treatment plans.

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Appointment Scheduler

The OASiS My Time module makes managing your appointment book as easy and flexible as possible.

Innovative layouts and controls allow you to simply point and click to create, amend, move, copy, link or delete appointments. Real time reporting means you can use your appointment book to set daily financial goals and schedule patients for optimal use of valuable surgery time. The OASiS software appointment book also has built in intelligence, so it knows instantly which patients require future appointments based on the proposed course of treatment.

Electronic Patient Files

The OASiS My Money module allows you to create electronic patient files, ensuring that all a patient’s individual information is recorded efficiently and in one place.

Patient files are kept in a single patient database with access to detailed patient information and correspondence from any computer in a dental practice.

Patient Billing

The OASiS Billing system is part of the My Money module, and is recognised as a leader in Practice Billing.

Using OASiS software Billing, financial accounting tasks and follow up are simplified and the potential for cost savings and improved cash flow are enhanced. 

Patient Recalls

The OASiS My Money module helps you create a streamlined system to create and issue recall correspondence.

Create recall dates for multiple family members with a single key click, seamlessly integrate with MS Word to set up recall letters and use SMS and Email to send out patient recalls.

Practice Documents

Practice Documents allows you to link a variety of incoming and outgoing communications to a patient’s file, including letters, email attachments and call notes.

You can also link to MS Word, allowing you to create and selected preformatted template documents, and then link the personalised document to a patient’s file.

Treatment Plans

OASiS My Work offers unparalleled speed and flexibility when it comes to treatment plan creation.

This includes multiple plans, appointment breakdowns, “exploding” groups, discounts and print methodologies so no matter what the patient scenario – you have the tools to accommodate it.

Clinical Notes

The OASiS clinical notes system is easily accessible, easy to read and easy to interpret.

Extensive clinical notes functionality automatically provides a line by line record of treatment performed as they occur. Notes can be edited or extended on the day or you can create your own ad hoc notes from any treatment related program. Audit and security features also ensure that once recorded, notes cannot be tampered with.

Presentation Manager

OASiS Presentation Manager is ideal for creating any form of patient correspondence including treatment presentations, brochures, information sheets and patient education forms.

An easy to use Screen Forms Designer lets you construct forms containing any data or images held in your OASiS system, such as patient charts, notes and plans.

Communication Server

The OASiS Communications Server provides three components to meet all your practice needs – phone, email and SMS.

The Telephony Server links your telephone PABX to OASiS, enabling patient records to be updated with call notes at the click of a mouse. You can also dial out from within all OASiS windows – making it simple to find phone number and call.

Email Server handles outgoing email messages from within OASiS, and keeps a log so you can track activity. You can set up pre-determined messages or create a new one to send to a large group. The Email Server offers seamless integration with MS Outlook and is also compatible with all SMTP email providers.

SMS Server handles incoming and outgoing text messages. Messages can be sent from any screen in OASiS including appointment book, front screen and recalls, making patient communication simple and effective. OASiS also manages responses back from the recipient, allowing you to log messages into a patient’s record for easy retrieval.    

Advanced Reporting

OASiS Query Report Writer allows you to analyse your database, write your own reports, create your own mailing list and generate colourful graphs that help you understand and develop your business.

Dental practices can export information to other programmes, email and print reports. Examples of reporting queries include:
• How am I getting new business? List all new patients in the last six months, group them by referral type.
• Which patients have incomplete treatments? Search the patient database for incomplete treatments and create mailing labels for all these patients.
• Which patients have I not seen in 3 years? Search the database and create letters for all patients in this category. 


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