Dentrix Ascend Dental Practice Management

An innovative cloud-based dental practice management system that is secure, convenient and easy to use.

With Dentrix Ascend, you get a fresh new interface that packs the most advanced clinical, front office and business management capabilities into a surprisingly easy and intuitive new user experience.

You gain the freedom to use whatever devices make sense for your practice—from PCs to iPads. And you tap into all the advantages of a secure, web-based architecture that gets better and smarter every time you log in.

Dentrix Ascend provides instant access to the tools you need from any location, and frees you from the expense and hassle of buying and maintaining your own hardware.

Best of all, every part of this reimagined solution is available to you for one monthly subscription.


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Practice Schedule

The Practice Schedule lets you quickly select specific operators or providers. This makes it easy to schedule treatment plans, assign more than one provider to an appointment, confirm appointments, and much more.

Multi-Location Support

Multi-location Support that provides you with the flexibility to create an unlimited number of physical practice locations.Therefore, you can share patient records across all locations while still maintaining separate schedules and production reporting.

Role-Based Practice Overview

A Role-Based Practice Overview screen that shows the current status of primary work items based on specific job functions. For example, the insurance billing coordinator sees a complete and current list of unattached procedures, unsent claims and unresolved claims, so nothing ever slips through the cracks.


Patient Overview

A Patient Overview screen that collects and displays everything you need to know about each patient who walks into your office on one convenient, visually appealing and well-organised screen. You can then tap or click to drill down into more detailed information.

Detailed Ledger

Detailed Ledger sorts your ledger history by procedures and provides fast responses to patient inquiries. Convenient walkout statements also calculate patient payments, apply payments to specific procedures (line item accounting) and generate printed patient statements.

Drag-and-Drop Treatment Planner

A Drag-and-Drop Treatment Planner for creating, presenting and scheduling cases, generating pre-authorisations, and tracking which cases are presented, accepted and rejected.

Medical Alerts

Medical Alerts that allow you to select from a catalog of existing alerts, create your own custom alerts and mark specific alerts as "high priority" to make them visible every time you open a patients' file.

Clinical Chart

A Clinical Chart that allows you to add procedures, conditions and clinical notes intuitively

Perio Chart

A Perio Chart that gives you all the tools you need to evaluate and track your patients' periodontal progress.