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Technology Drives Success with Patient Recalls

Courtney Dental, Krista Land – Practice Manager; Lian Parmegiani – Front Office Coordinator

Townsville’s oldest family dental practice may be housed in a beautifully restored 100-year-old Queenslander, but technologically the business is most definitely in the 21st century.


Owner and Principal Dentist at Courtney Dental, Craig Courtney, consistently utilises the latest digital technologies available to keep his business firmly in the present day and future focussed.


“Craig makes sure we use any relevant new technologies, or new features in systems we are currently using,” says Practice Manager, Krista Land.


This ‘cutting edge’ philosophy extends to their choice of dental practice management software. For Courtney Dental, this is Software of Excellence’s EXACT dental software solution, which has helped them deliver significantly improved business efficiency and performance. Chair-time utilisation in a dental surgery is a key barometer of a practice’s health, and the team has found SOE’s recall system invaluable in helping to maximise this.


“The EXACT system is amazing,” says Krista. “It’s the best thing we have ever done to save on time. The efficiencies are fantastic and we like the fact that we are keeping up to date with the latest technology available.”


Front Office Coordinator, Lian Parmegiani, confirms that the time savings from using the EXACT Automated Recall Manager have been significant. “We have been able to operate with one less staff member,” she says. “We used to have one to three staff members in our front office, but now we only need one to two.”


Krista adds that the customer experience is significantly better too. “It is so much easier for patients to receive an SMS, email or reminder in the post.”


“It also takes the pressure off clients to confirm an appointment, compared with us ringing. We used to find that patients felt obliged to confirm an appointment over the phone, but then decide later it wasn’t suitable and cancel. The EXACT system gives our patients control over their appointment times.”


Lian estimates the practice’s recall success has improved by 50 percent using EXACT’s Automated Recalls with SMS reminders and EasyPost. This has translated directly into a very low Failure-To-Attend (FTA) rate.


“We love the business benefits that the EXACT system provides,” says Krista, “particularly the automated recalls. It allows patients to get reminders on their phone or email – these days everyone lives on their phone."


“It’s great too that if patients don’t have a smartphone or email, they can still get their reminders in the mail by EasyPost.”


Courtney Dental has always had a very tight policy on FTAs, explains Krista, but the introduction of automated recalls has improved even their statistics on this enemy of dental practice efficiency. “We don’t get many FTAs at all anymore,” she confirms.


Krista and Lian have worked at Courtney Dental for 12 and 3 years respectively. They agree that EXACT is the best practice management system they have encountered in their professional careers. Krista also enjoys the ease-of-use of the software.


“I am a bit old school when it comes to technology, but it’s really easy for even me to use. Based on my experience, and others I know in the industry, it’s the best one out there. It’s also very easy to train new staff members,” she adds.


She also rates the EXACT software support team very highly. “I don’t have any concerns about getting questions or problems sorted out, irrespective of who in the team is helping me at the time,” she says.


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