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Switching to EXACT Drives Practice Efficiency

St Marys Dental Care, Dr Nick Agiannidis – Practice Principal

St Marys Dental Care switched to Software of Excellence’s EXACT Dental Practice Management software in mid-2017 and the team hasn’t looked back.


While the practice principal of the Adelaide clinic, Dr Nick Agiannidis, says he and his team experienced the usual ‘bedding in’ period while they switched from their legacy dental software to EXACT, the process went a lot more smoothly than he anticipated. “The support staff and trainers were very good and took care of all the arrangements. It obviously takes a bit of getting used to a new product, but the team made everything really straightforward."


“The ongoing support has been great,” he adds. “We don’t need it much anymore, but it’s good to know it’s there if we do. The good thing is that the team don’t just sort things out for us, they show us how to resolve queries and change the parameters ourselves, so we can do things more quickly and easily on our own next time.”


While it’s still early days after the EXACT implementation, Nick says his practice is already starting to see the benefits of the switch. In fact, the strong business management tools in EXACT were one of the main reasons that Nick switched his practice to EXACT. “We looked at a number of software options when deciding to make the change,” he says. “Several of my colleagues use EXACT and they recommended it highly – especially the business features.”


“We’ve seen better utilisation of time throughout the team and rebookings and recalls have gone up. For example, we’re starting to see patients again that we haven’t seen for a while,” he adds. “We’re measuring FTAs (Failure to Attend) more accurately now and are experiencing steady new patient growth – particularly from clients using the online booking facility.”


Nick also particularly appreciates the clinical features of the software solution.


“As a dental practitioner, the charting is fantastic, writing notes is quick and easy and so is communicating with the front office about treatment planning and requirements for each patient,” he says. As the principal, Nick finds the business tools and reporting valuable too. “The insights that EXACT offers are very useful, as well as the invoicing, receipt and cashflow analysis.”


Nick and his team also enjoy that EXACT is a fully integrated dental practice management solution. “We like that we have a system now that does everything and is fully digital,” he says. “The integration of the various EXACT modules, in particular, is very good.”


He adds that the St Marys front office team finds the communication tools in EXACT drive efficiencies and save time, including managing appointments, rebookings and recalls. “The SMS reminders, online bookings, email communication and EasyPost definitely streamline our operation – the team often tell me how much they help.”


“I would definitely recommend Software of Excellence and EXACT,” says Nick. “I was hesitant to switch at first because we had our existing dental software solution for 20 years and were in a comfort zone. Upgrading takes you outside of your comfort zone, but now that EXACT is up and running I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is thinking of changing.”


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