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Patient Retention And Bookings Rocket For Vibrant Boutique Practice

Gold Coast Dental Studio, Ashleigh Davies - Practice Manager

They may have only been open for two years, but Gold Coast Dental Studio in Nerang had already been through two practice management software systems before finding the one they were looking for in EXACT.


“Before we switched to EXACT we were almost at our wits end,” says practice manager Ashleigh Davies.


“Our old software system was freezing a lot, we had connection issues and the recall processes were incredibly clunky. It was so bad I’d gone back to doing recalls manually and had started a pen and paper appointment book!”


With their ethos of embracing cutting-edge technology, and a need to make their mark in a competitive environment, they decided five months ago to make the switch to EXACT.


”I’d used a previous version of EXACT and loved it, but after two terrible experiences with other practice management software systems, I wanted to be 110% sure EXACT would work for us.” After some careful research, Ashleigh assured her team it was time they made the plunge.


It was third time lucky. It is even better than previous versions of EXACT,” says Ashleigh. “It’s so user-friendly, the whole practice has adapted really well. We absolutely love it.”


Patient retention has also skyrocketed since investing in EXACT. “We’ve always been really good at getting people through the door“, says Ashleigh. “But we needed to bring our technology up to date with our values of providing unique and boutique care.”


So, when they invested in EXACT, Gold Coast Dental Studio also invested in SMS recalls, EasyPost and Online Booking. It’s a triple threat that’s allowed them to streamline their administration, and pull their appointment books out of the red and into the green.


EXACT has most definitely made my work life a whole lot more efficient,” says Ashleigh. “For example, using SMS Recalls and EasyPost, we’ve gone from having 75 unbooked/failed recalls in one month, to being fully booked three months ahead. Even better, instead of making around 100 recall phone calls a week, now I make under ten.”


Online booking is allowing patients the freedom to book their appointments whenever and from wherever they want. “They get a recall text on their phone, and from there they just click straight into the online bookings. They love it. It’s so convenient.”


Online bookings are also helping reduce patients’ stress. "It's after hours peace of mind. Patients might have a tooth ache in the middle of the night and they can book in straight away - they're not left wondering when they might get to see the dentist."


Utilising automatic recalls and bookings, Ashleigh now spends less time on the phone and more time explaining treatment plans to patients. “Since they understand exactly what’s needed and get time to ask questions, they’re much more likely to book back in. When they’re rushed out the door, we’re less likely to see them again. It’s a better level of care for them, and it’s better for our business.”


The practice strives hard to be unique, with fresh flowers, scented candles, big screen TVs and surround sound in all the rooms. “We don’t want to be an ‘ordinary’ dental studio. People walk in here and usually their first reaction is, ‘whoa, wow’!”


However, the young, vibrant staff also have big ambitions for branching out with another arm of the practice, becoming mobile and taking the dentist to those who may not be able to get out so easily.


“Now that we have EXACT working so well for us and streamlining the recall and rebooking administration, we’re able to work on expanding. It’s brilliant.”


“I’d honestly never consider using anything other than EXACT now.”


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