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Growing Family Dental Practice Increases New Patients by 25%

Pialba Dental Studio, Leanne Dekker - Practice Manager

New Practice Manager Leanne Dekker took one look at the old practice management system Pialba Dental Studio had struggled to use for the last seven years and said, “We need to streamline.”


Having used EXACT dental practice management software previously, Leanne knew that’s exactly what the practice was missing.


The family-centred Hervey Bay practice has many loyal patients who have been visiting Dr Marek Rohozinski for all 32 years he’s been open – in some cases, four generations of the same family. But with the rapid growth in the area came rapid growth for the practice, so in August 2015 they made the switch to a new dental practice management system that could keep up with their needs, now and into the future.


Under the old system we weren’t able to keep up – there was no support, the system was clunky and wasn’t easy to use, it was always an awkward fit for the practice. As soon as we started using EXACT we could breathe again”, says Leanne.


Getting used to the new system was smooth and simple: “The Software of Excellence support team called me to check I was using it as I’d not called them. I said, ‘Of course! It’s just simple, I don’t need the help.’ The whole practice adapted very quickly, EXACT is so intuitive to use.


Leanne finds the workflow and the communication between reception and the two dentists’ chairs is the feature she finds most useful, “It certainly means less running around for us now we’re streamlined from reception to surgery.”


Using EXACT has had excellent business outcomes for the practice. By using the more streamlined system, Dr Charles Hammond, the other dentist at the practice, is able to see 25% more patients on average. That equates to roughly 20 more patients a week, or over 960 per year.


Pialba Dental are also using SMS recalls, which is saving the practice tremendous amounts of time. “We used to spend the whole morning phoning patients for recalls. And if we couldn’t get them then, we’d have to spend half the afternoon following up,” says Leanne.


Now, they have reduced the time spent on recall administration from 2 plus hours a day to under 5 minutes a day, when they call those very few patients who don’t have a cellphone. They are able to use the saved time caring for patients, as well as actively chasing up new patient leads.


The practice also reports a significant drop in Fail-To-Attends (FTA) using SMS recalls. “We used to get up to four FTAs a week, now we barely get one a month. SMS recalls means patients are no longer forgetting their appointment time and we can be sure they got the message. Patient feedback has been so positive and they love the convenience.”


Now they’ve made the switch to EXACT with SMS recalls, Leanne’s hoping to utilise some of the other features of EXACT in the future: “The best thing about EXACT is it allows us scope to grow.”


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