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Business Thrives Whilst Fail-To-Attend Rates Significantly Reduce

Beaumaris Dental Clinic, Carla Barron - Practice Manager

Beaumaris Dental Clinic is a family centred, busy dental practice that’s used EXACT practice management software since it opened nine years ago.


“When we started the practice we needed a practice management system that operated smoothly while keeping up with technological advances”, says Practice Manager, Carla Barron.


They’d had little experience in using Software of Excellence’s EXACT practice management software, but after looking into what EXACT offered, they embraced the system that came already in place when they took over the practice in 2006.


They haven’t regretted it. “I’m a technological dinosaur,” says Carla. “And I’ve found EXACT nothing short of excellent – it’s so user-friendly plus the assistance from the Software of Excellence support team is unparalleled.” 


Carla is passionate about making sure her staff of three dentists and three hygienists get the very best out of the system and once a year, she invites the Software of Excellence team to come and run a training session for her staff.


“They’re great trainers. Patient and knowledgeable.”


She is also impressed with the level of help offered from the Software of Excellence phone support team. “I encourage all our staff to call them freely, and we do so at least once a week – it’s so much more time efficient than us struggling to solve problems alone. The support team are always friendly, professional and ready to help. If they can’t help right away they always get back to us with someone who can.”


Beaumaris Dental has kept up-to-date with new technologies and is now using the latest version of EXACT. They have also introduced SMS recalls, EasyPost and the Short Notice Cancellation List in the last two years, to effectively manage recalls and reminders for their growing practice.


“We recall about 100 patients a month,” says Carla. “Before implementing EasyPost and SMS recalls, a staff member would spend one full day a week doing the recalls – that’s not including the follow ups and the inevitable, frustrating and time consuming phone tag.”


They’re pleased with the results. “Not only are our recalls more effective now, they’re more efficient too.”


Carla finds the Short Notice Cancellation List in combination with EasyPost and SMS recalls helps keep the busy appointment book full.


“Our Fail-To-Attend rates have significantly dropped in the last two years. Patients just don’t forget their appointment anymore now they have the extra reminders using SMS recalls and EasyPost. If they can’t make it, they can simply cancel and the Short Notice Cancellation List automatically books in a patient who is able to attend.”


Using Easypost has had financial gains for the practice as well. “With the price of postage rising, using EasyPost saves both time and money. We’re saving approximately $100 a month, plus we’re now able to offer a more efficient service for our patients. It’s win-win.”


Implementing EXACT turned out to be an astute business decision for Beaumaris Dental. EXACT is a user-friendly practice management system backed up by a great support team.”


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