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Welcome to the Academy of Excellence

Software of Excellence’s Academy of Excellence offers a unique training and development programme that recognises excellence in practice management.

Software of Excellence have teamed up with City and Guilds to provide dental professionals with a recognised accredited and certified training scheme and qualification that adds value to the individual and the industry by helping practices achieve the best business performance from our software.

Why is training so important?

From our experience of analysing data from over 1,500 practices we have been able to significantly enhance EXACT, focusing much more on business efficiency and process to really drive business outcomes. As a consequence EXACT is a very rich programme but we find that most practices only touch the surface, using about 20 per cent of the functionality. Many practices simply are not taking advantage of the new functions and often this is down to a lack of on-going investment in training with many practice teams relying on training they were given years ago on older versions of the software. The cost of training has been an issue, particularly as training often necessitated the practice closing, but now more than ever, with increasing competition in the market place, it is vitally important to maximize business efficiency and effectiveness using all the tools available. We know that well-motivated teams with the skills to deploy the business functionally of EXACT really do achieve significantly improved business outcomes and this can be achieved through a progressive low cost, flexible training and certification programme.


Starting your journey to Excellence

The Academy of Excellence delivers the training programme as a progression, with courses starting at basic foundation level; White Belt and moving through the  performance curve to achieve the ultimate accolade of a becoming a Black Belt Practice.

The learning courses are delivered in a number of formats to suit your timeframe and budget; online, onsite or classroom based courses.

To work out what best suits your needs, take a look at the Course Contents and decide how you would like to receive your learning.


To download the curriculum content click here


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If you would like to talk to one of our experts about how the Academy could transform your practice then please fill out this form for a call back.


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