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Advanced Level Training (Yellow Belt)

Advanced Level training - Progressing to Yellow Belt
The Yellow Belt training course builds on the basic knowledge gained at White Belt level. This level provides advanced training on specific areas of EXACT; Clinical, Reception or Practice management. It is divided into role specific courses, with more detail on features within EXACT:



  • Management of  appointment books using clinics and blocks
  • Management of FTAs and cancellations
  • Management of incomplete treatments


  • Quick plans
  • Editing Custom screens
  • Watch types

Practice Manager

  • Presentation Manager
  • Financial reports
  • Performance reports

Staff are provided with a training plan, which is required as part of CQC and training hours that qualify for verifiable CPD. Assessments are also carried out to confirm understanding and knowledge of the training.

- Note that existing customers can go straight to Yellow Belt providing they have passed an online White Belt assessment previously.


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