OASiS Practice Management

OASiS Practice Management

OASiS provides the essential tools you need to run a modern, productive healthcare business.

Easy to learn and simple to use, OASiS helps grow your income, effectively utilise your patient database and allows you to spend your time working on the things that really matter.

Built on a modular system, OASiS allows you to select the components you need to build a practice management platform ideally suited to your business.

Three key modules make up the heart of OASiS – My Money, My Time and My Work – with additional components available for specialist requirements.  

Day to day functionality can also be customised to adapt the OASiS system to your particular needs.

The OASiS solution gives you wide-ranging patient database and scheduling tools, provides a smart financial package that enables you to better manage your time and reap the best returns. OASiS comes with forward thinking clinical charting tools that improve chair-side workflow, assist in patient education and create compelling treatment plans.